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Profile of Department of Education

Teachers are called the builders of the nation. They are the one who can change the mindset of the people through the instrument called education.

So great attention is needed teachers education. Researches can be made on the education system, teachers quality teaching methods applied, salary, incentives and motivation given to the teachers.

          It is sad to say that everything is far away from reality. Hence if the quality of teachers is improve the education system would itself be improved.

          Transformation of a society in to an educated society. Would  itself transform the nation into a nation with great human resources necessary for the development  of the nation.

          Swami Vivekananda  says “That society is great there men and women dear to belied and practice truth”   so to keep oneself away from frustration it is necessary to develop some skills necessary for good living.

Intoduction :  Kamla Nehru College Rani Road Korba Chhatisgarh  established  in the 1971 is one of the oldest colleges of  Korba City  running successfully fulfilling the aim of education and giving a new outlook to the society.

                             It has been successful in giving skills to the students necessary for good and comfortable living under the guidance of its good and efficient staff.

B.Ed at the glance : Among the other faculties B.Ed. department of Education is running successfully. Since 2008 efforts  were made for B.Ed. but it came into existence in 2011 with the sincere  efforts  of  Dr. R.N. Pandey (Principal), Smt. K.J. Kaur Madam ( Senior Professor) and teachers and staff of  Kamla Nehru College.

                                      The staff  of education department pay  their gratitude to them .

                                      The department of education is been successfully run by its efficient teachers :

Teaching Staff

S. No. Assist. Professor   Education      Date of joining
  1 Dr Abdul Sattar Ph.D,M.Phil. 06.01.2018
  2 Ms. Anju Xess M.A. (Socio.), M.Ed , NET (Edu.) 25 07. 2011



M.Sc(Chem.),  M.Ed  01.11. 2011
  4  Mrs. PREETI ROBERTS M.A.(Eng. Lit.), M.Ed.  01.11.2011
  5 Mrs. BHARTI KULDEEP M.A. (HISTORY), M.Ed.  01.12.2011
  6 MS.ANITA YADAV M.A. (Geo.),  M.Ed , M.phil.(Edu.)  21.12.2011
  7 Mrs.PRITI CHOUBEY M.A. (Poli. Sci),  M.Ed  08.07.2014

M.A (Hist.)


  9 NITESH KUMAR YADAV M.A.(Eco. &Hindi) M.Ed. ,NET(EDUCATION) 31/10/2015
  10 Mr R K Gautam
N.S. (Govt. Of India)
  12 Mr.Kunal Dasgupta B.Com,Sangit Ratna,Sagit Visharad 01.07.2016



The department has achievement in different activities .Students studying in B.Ed. are far beyond expectations .

Similarly in co-curricular activities  the students of B.Ed.  gave outstanding performance  in dish making Comp. , essay comp.,rangoli and mehandi Comp..

A.L.M. are Active learning  methods classes work held .Its aim was to develop skills in the students and to enhance learning.

Educational tour was organized successfully when the students and teachers went to Amarkantak  in 2011-12 and later on to Vishakhapattnam  in 2012-13.


Different activities are conducted for the overall development of the students.

  1. Micro teaching :it is conducted to develop 07 teaching skills in the students .
  2. Practice Teaching :It is conducted in schools where the students carry their teaching practice after preparing 40 lesson plans .
  3. Internship :It is carried out in rural areas to bring adjustment with rural environment.
  4. Educational Tour :It is one of the most interesting part of  B.Ed. where visit ato a historical place is made and there after tour report is prepared by the students.
  5. Co-curricular activities :  It is organized every Saturday and is an interesting activities to remove hesitation in the student. Different activities like  essay comp.,extempore comp.,rangoli and mehndi comp. song and dance, poem recitation,dish making etc. Are organized.
  6. Sports :Sports are organized in the department under the efficient supervision of  Shri S.K. Sharma  sir who not only organizes different activities successfully but also teach student how to stay in discipline. Playing with sports and team spirit is his main motto. Different sports like javelin throw, discus throw,100 mtr.race,200mtr.,relay race,long jump, high jump, kabbaddi for both boys and girls are organized. Not only the students but teaching staff also participates with pleasure.


The department has sufficient laboratories where practical’s  are  conducted :

  1. Psychology Lab. :Different experiment related to theory are conducted based on intelligence, attitude personality and interest.
  2. Educational Technology Lab : The lab has computers, Television , Projectors,LCD,Tap recorders and  DVD student learned how to use them as teaching aids.
  3. Craft Lab. :Some practical knowledge provided to the student. For this book binding and drawing and painting work experience is conducted.
  4. Library :The college library for the B.Ed. students has a good numbers of  books.  The books are given/issued to the students for preparing notes and references apart from this the library has modern aids  of teaching like projectors, computers internet slide etc. The Library is fully automated and being operated by technical staff. The department of education gets full co-operation  from the librarian  Dr. Prashant Bopapurkar  . The department expresses sincere thanks for his guidance and suggestions from time to time.


The education department has good infrastructure  with separate class rooms for main subjects, methods and optional   subjects it has separate rooms for co-curricular activities and separate laboratories.

B.Ed.-I & II-student

B.Ed.-I & II-student


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Income & Recipt

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