The growth in Science and Technology occupies the central position in human activities in the present century. Health, prosperity and the standard of life are shaped by the developments that take place in the field of “Technology of Transformation of Natural Resources into Products of Higher Values”. Availability of technically skilled manpower is the key to tap and make full use of the vast natural resources. At present, the college is running several courses that can help thousands of boys and girls for seeking employment. Apart from traditional academic courses like B.A., B.Com, B.Sc., college has introduced job-oriented courses like PGDBM, forestry, Electronics, Computer science etc. The college has well chalked out time table that is carefully co-related to all activities to ensure optimum benefit to all students. Each and every department has highly experienced and dedicated faculty with strong determination to work for the upliftment of the students. The college is determined to impart higher education especially to the weaker section of the society and tribal rural, ST & SC students of the local area.