B.Lib. I.Sc. & M.Lib. I.Sc.

Library is the soul of educational institutions hence much      weightage and emphasis should be given for the enhancement of the libraries. In the present scenario, upgradation of the libraries has become the essential component in the fields of Higher Education. It is said that college is a community where teachers are the head, students are the body and the library is the heart.

       Kamla Nehru College has a very good Library which has holding of over 30240 books and 26 Journals & Magazines. Since the college is recognized research centre for Hindi and Economics, it has good numbers of books for referring research materials. The college library is automated with SOUL 2.0 software and the circulation of books is fully computerized.

     The college library provides free internet facility for teachers and the students to access required study materials. Library is equipped with Xerox machine, Fax, Internet Connection, Internet Printer, 12 Computers and 01 Xeon Code Server for SOUL software. The College has its own

Website (www.knc-ac.in), and Email ID – info@knc-ac.in.

            A Library is a place where books, Journals, Microfilms, Audio- Visual materials etc are kept and organized to support the cultural, informational, recreational and educational needs for the users. In this respect we feel proud to say that we have a good library having all the essential components and facilities that is required for any institution.

Name Designation Qualification Experience
Dr.Prashant Bopapurkar Principal, Librarian Ph.D., M.Phil, M.Lib. ,B.Lib. Working Since 23.09.1996
Shri Manish Kumar Patel Asstt.Prof. B.Lib., M.Lib.,NET Working Since  2021
Shri Ram Kumar Srivas Asstt.Prof. B.Lib., M.Lib., NET Working Since 2021
 SWOT of the Library Strength:            1. Good number of books .
  1. Skilled staff .
  2. Sufficient storage.
  3. Separate reading room.
  4. Sufficient infrastructures .
6.Strong IT based services with user friendly   environment.
  1. Centralized location .
Weakness:          1. Limited audio-visual materials.
  1. Limited journals.
  2. Lack of resource sharing .
  3. Lack of awareness of range of services .
  4. Shortage of technical staff.
  1. To increase the access of library hours for  maximum  utilization .
  2. Provide best resources in minimum cost to maximum  no.of readers through networking.
  3. To host the exhibitions of books .
  4. Provide availability of resources outside the library though LAN & improvement in library services.
Threats :       1Rising costs of books and Journals. 2.High telecommunication and Information   Technology costs.
  1.  Rapid technological changes,
  2. Limited scope due to restricted finance, space and lack of skilled staff.

Any Institution would be considered poor if it does not have rich library. The college has enriched library and it is the centre to enhance learning for the students and staff. Continuation and comprehensive learning of the students can only be possible if the college has resourced them with better means of information and knowledge. For the proper functioning of the library, the committee is formed. The tenure of the committee is for one year. The role of the committee is to frame rules and regulation for the proper functioning of the library. Major expenditures of the library are decided by the members of the committee.

             The college library has an advisory committee. The members of the committee are changed every year for the concerned of transparency. This year, following are the members of the library committee        (2014-15)

Co-coordinator Dr.(Smt.) Archana Singh (Asstt.Prof.,Hindi/HOD)
Members Shri A.K. Soni (Asstt.Prof., PGDBM/HOD)
Members Shri O.P. Sahu(Asstt.Prof., Commerce)
Members Smt.Bina Biswas (Asstt.Prof.,Comp.Sc./HOD)
Members Smt.Bharti Kuldeep  (Asstt.Prof.,Education) 
The Physical Infrastructure
S. No. Infrastructure Information
1 Total area of the library 2933.11 Sq. ft.
2 Total Sitting Capacity 100 (Student & Staffs)
3 Working Hours 10 :00 am to 05:00 pm
4 Working Days Monday to Saturday                    (08:00 – 11:00 am for Commerce ) (11:00 – 05:00 pm for Arts/Science)
5 Holidays Closed
6 Before Exam Day 10:30 am to 04:30 pm
7 During Exam Day 10:30 am to 04:30 pm
8 During Vacation 10:30 am to 04:30 pm
9 Total No. Books 30240
   Major equipment’s / facilities available in the library
  1. It has CC TV Camera to monitor the usage of library by students and staffs.
  2. It has smoke alarm facility .
  3. It has a fire extinguisher.
  4. Free Internet Facility to the Student and Staff.
  5. The Library has Xerox machine(02) and Photocopy is done at the minimum rate for the students.
  6. Cold and purified drinking water facility is available.
Few Rules of Library for Students 
  1. Students are allowed to library only with the library card.
  2. Working hours  Monday to Saturday from 10.00 A.M to 5.00 P.M
  3. Books will be issued on producing the library card.
  4. Students are instructed to check the books while borrowing & shall be responsible for any type of damage or mutilation.
  5. Books will be issued to the students of undergraduate for 15 days and postgraduate for 20 days.
  6. Delay in submission of books will be charged @ Rs.1 per day per book.
  7. If any book is lost, the borrower shall replace the books of same edition or latest edition or pay cost of the book. after getting permission from the librarian
  8. Do not fold or alter any entries made on the cards.
  9. Missing of library card should be reported to the librarian in writing. After checking the borrowing register they will be issued a new card on a payment of Rs 10 per card every time.
  10. Library borrower cards are valid for the respective academic session only. At the end of the academic session, the cards should  be returned to the library.
Information Communication Technology (ICT)  The ICT and other tools deployed to provide maximum access to the library collection:
  1. OPAC ( Online Public Access Catalogue)    : The College   Library is computerized with SOUL Software.
  2. Electronic Resource Management Package for E-journal                                                                                           : N-list INFLIBNET.
  3. Federated searching tools to search articles in multiple  Databases                                                                          : Yes
  4. Library Website: The web portal of college has special Corner for library.
  5. In house/Remote access to e-publication                       :           No
  6. Library Automation       : The College has SOUL Software.
  7. Total No. of Computers for public access           :         12
  8. Total No. Printers For Public access                  :           03
  9. Internet, band width/ Speed                                          :           2 mbps
  10. Institutional repository                                                   :           01
  11. Contact  Management System for e-learning          :           No
  12. Participation in resource sharing network/consortia
(Like INFLIBNET)                                                                         :            No  Few more details  
  1. Average No. of Walk – ins                                        :          850
  2. Average No. of Books Issued/ Return          :          220
  3. Ratio of Library books to students Enrolled                        :           1:14
  4. Average No. of books added during last three years :        6,500
  5. Average No. of log-in to OPAC                                            :       70%
  6. Average No. of Log-in to e-resources                                   :       57%
  7. Average No. of e-resources downloaded / Printed    :       45%
  8. No. of Information Literacy training organized           :       22 Only
  9. Details of “Weeding out” of books and other materials : The Library usage pesticides to  keep books and other materials away from getting spoiled. That is why there is less “weeding out” of books per year.
Specialized services provided by the college library 
  1. Manuscripts                                                                                      : Nil
  2. Reference Service: Open access system available for PG and UG level.
  3. Reprography                    : The College has Xerox Machine- 02
  4. ILL (Inter Library Loan Service)                                                  : N.A.
  5. Information deployment and notification: The College Library uses  Notice Boards to display important information and Notification  for the students and faculties.
  6. Download                                                                                                  : Yes.
  7. Printing: The College has three Printers for the purpose.
  8. Reading List/ Bibliography Compilation             : Available.
  9. In House/Remote access to e-resources                             : No.
  10. User Orientation and awareness: The College Library has       effective environment to developed the students orientation towards field of study and also develops awareness towards their   future job opportunities.
  11. Assistance in searching databases: Internet access.
  12. INFLIBNET/ IUC Facilities                                      : SOUL Software.
  13. Library extension services: Publicity of special books and questions banks, added in the collection of Library during examination time.
  14. Vacancies from employment newspaper is shorted and displayed on the display board every week.
  15. Quarterly quiz competition is organized by library to cultivate reading habits in students other than their course material.

The library staff displays information about new arrivals and latest subscription of books which help the students and the faculty to know about newly procured books in a particular subject in particular year. The list is also circulated to the HOD’s of different departments.

The Library provides special facilities to visually / physically challenged persons by showing sympathetic behavior toward them. The library staff assists the students by providing those books at the stands. They also help them in getting signature at their stands without calling them at the counter they are exempted to stand in any queue.

The library gets feedback from its users. At the end of the session the users fill up the feedback form. These feedbacks are produced before the library committee for analyzing the short coming and weakness. If any weakness is found suitable reforms are mad to rectify the shortcomings.

Last but not least the Library staff is very co-operative and devotee towards all the stakeholders of the college. The department of library science organized two national level seminars in the year 2009 & 2010.

 National Level Workshop on “College Libraries Automation” was held at Kamla Nehru College, Korba (C.G) on 6th & 7th Nov. 2009, and this workshop was sponsored by University Grants Commission, Bhopal (MP).

 National Level Seminar on “Innovative and Best Practices in Library and information services” was held at Kamla Nehru College, Korba (C.G) on 23th & 24th Dec. 2010 , and this seminar was sponsored by University Grants Commission, Bhopal (MP).